I’m a non-fiction writer from Brisbane, Australia, currently living in New York City.

My first book, ‘Get Well Soon! My (Un)Brilliant Career as a Nurse,‘ has a fairly self-explanatory title. It’s about my former occupation as a nurse and was published by University of Queensland Press in 2012.

My second book, ‘It’s Not You, Geography, It’s Me,’ is a rollicking tale of depression, diarrhea and compulsive travel. It was released on September 24, 2014,  also through University of Queensland Press.

For my next trick, I plan to write a biography about somebody else’s life. I’m tired of talking about myself and even if I wasn’t, I’ve used up most of my stories.

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I make an excellent pumpkin pie, if I do say so myself. Email me for the recipe. It’s delicious.

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